Late February of 2012 Mark was diagnosed with stage 4 Metastatic Melanoma Cancer. This is written for our family and friends who have so caringly expressed a desire to know of the current situation. We so appreciate the love and support that has been shown to us and we lovingly empathize with and pray for many of you that have had or are currently going through trials of your own. In love, hope and faith, Mark and Ane

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Dr. Diego got it all!

We met with him yesterday and he reported clean margins around the tumor from the pathology report.

I am feeling better every day.  I'm up and about most of the day and sleeping well at night.  I haven't used any pain meds for days now.  I still need to be careful what I lift and of course it still hurts a bit.  But overall I have more energy than before with that energy sucking tumor out of me.

We will meet with Dr. Urba in about a month to determine the next steps.  As for now I am off all drugs.

I am so grateful for your faith, caring and prayers and am so glad to be here with you. We are now over four and a half years from the first detection of wide spread cancer!  We have been so blessed to be here for so long.


Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Tumor is Out!

Surgery was yesterday - Friday, the 16th.   Dr. Diego came in before surgery and told us that he hoped it would take 2-3 hours, but that it could certainly be longer.  It was longer - 5 1/2 hours, but all went well and the tumor was removed!   It took longer than expected because Mark has a large spleen and it took a lot of maneuvering to relocate the pancreas and kidney to get to the adrenal gland. The incision for the removal is only 2 inches long with 3 small incisions for the arms of the robot. 

Last night was a bit rough, but today he is doing marvelously well!  The doctor thought that Mark would be discharged on Monday, but another doctor just left and saw no reason that he couldn't go home later today or at least by tomorrow!  Wow, we are SO thankful for modern medicine! Laparoscopic surgery makes recovery so much easier.  Mark should be back in the game fairly quickly, and he is ready!  

Thank you for all of your faith and prayers!!! 

The morning after!! 

Friday, September 9, 2016

Surgery Scheduled

We met with and were pleased with the surgeon, Dr. Diego Muilenburg. A CT scan was necessary for him to see the details more clearly than the PET showed, and that was done last Saturday, the 3rd.  The tumor has grown 5% in two weeks so while it isn’t growing fast, it is growing, so the sooner it is removed the better.  Dr. Diego has scheduled the daVinci Robotic surgical machine for September 16th.  The plan is to make 4-5 small laparoscopic incisions, but there will have to be one larger incision to remove the tumor which is currently 2 by 3 inches.  If all goes well Mark should be home in 2-3 days, We’re happy to have daVinci!  Mark just looked at pictures of it online and exclaimed, “Yikes, what was I thinking?!”  I commented that it looked better to me than a big knife held over him!

We will be at Providence Portland Hospital one week from today at 9:00 am.  (Yea, not the early bird check-in!) We feel very good about the way this is working out.  

This verse brought comfort, “…be of good cheer…for I am in your midst, and I have not forsaken you:” We certainly feel that, and also appreciate the love and support from family and friends!  Thank-you!!